About Twin Cities Gold and Silver in Minneapolis MN

When you are deciding to jump into the gold and silver market, ask the most important questions: Why, What, How, and Who.


You buy gold and silver for the main reason of protecting your assets. What this means is understood when you realize that gold and silver (precious metals) do not increase in value, they remain the same and it's the dollar that decreases in value. Back in the 1920's the government issued a $20.00 gold coin. That gold coin would buy you a top of the line men's suit. Today that same gold coin is worth approximately $1400.00. Today that $1400.00 would also buy you a top of the line men's suit but the $20.00 wouldn't buy you the buttons.


The general rule as established by the experts within the industry is: One should have at least 20 to 30% of their total assets in precious metals. The other rule is to divide your gold and silver into somewhere around 20 to 50% silver to gold. This is because silver is a little more volatile so it has a higher risk and more gain. Whereas gold is more steady Freddy and therefore a little better protector of your other assets. If you are a collector then the best of both worlds are the gold and silver coins that were issued by the U.S. Government in the last two centuries.


There are many ways of buying gold, silver or rare coins. The internet, Mail order, Telephone Marketers, TV infomercials, and direct from a Retail store like Twin Cities Gold & Silver. The best advantage of direct retail is when you complete your business you get to walk out with your gold or silver in your hand. That's called buying physical gold or silver. It's the best way to buy your precious metals.


Well Twin Cities Gold & Silver is a pretty good choice. Why? With 35 years of experience in the silver and gold market Twin Cities Gold & Silver is respected in the industry, trusted by thousands of past and present customers, and you can be assured they will be very competitive in their pricing.

Twin Cities Gold & Silver is licensed by the state of Minnesota with a license number of 40395928.

Twin Cities Gold & Silver is a Lifetime member of the American Numismatic Association and also an Authorized Member Dealer for the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America